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As the stay at home restrictions in Indiana are relaxed over the next few weeks, you may find yourself with more flexibility in the way your video depositions are conducted. At Image Resources, we offer 3 best options for video depositions to meet the needs of our clients and provide maximum impact. 3 BEST OPTIONS FOR VIDEO DEPOSITIONS 1. Lockdown

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2018 FJA Workhorse Convention Cont.

Throughout the 2018 Annual Workhorse Seminar many speakers discussed video and how video can be utilized within their practices. On Tuesday, Gerry Oginski from The Law Office of Gerald Oginski in Great Neck, New York discussed, “How Video Marketing Can Make You a Better Trial Lawyer and Get You Better Cases.” Mr. Oginski began his presentation by reminding the attorneys

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Web Videos Tailor Made for Your Firm

The quality of your web presence reflects the professionalism of your firm. At Image Resources, Inc. we craft each web video to help get your message across. With so much cut throat competition, it is essential that you stand out and connect to prospective clients in a unique fashion. No matter the complexity, we can create a great end product

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Determining Appropriateness of a Case for Video

Not every case is suitable for a settlement documentary, and some care must be taken in thinking through the basic criteria. The best documentaries we have produced have been those with thoughtful and credible witnesses, and with injuries- whether physical, emotional, or cognitive- that are significant. A case involving death or significant injuries usually involves aspects that lends itself well

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Structuring the Settlement Documentary: The “Onion Theory”

A knock-down-drag-out settlement documentary is multifaceted, and consists of layer upon layer of information, much like the layers of an onion. As you scratch one surface, another reveals itself. Let’s start with a basic Day-In-The-Life video. We see the plaintiff’s struggles and the help he requires day-in and day-out. These include dressing, wheelchair transfers, grooming, meals, transportation, therapies, and so

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