Why Use Video Marketing in Your Law Practice?


Video marketing is a crucial aspect of any successful law firm marketing strategy in 2021. A staggering 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. Now more than ever before, individuals are likely to select a law practice based on the quality and messaging of their digital video presence. Law firm video marketing is more relevant than it has ever been.



Video Engages – Video marketing dominates because it gets results. In 2020, 1 billion hours of YouTube video content was watched daily. While traditional marketing approaches such as print, direct mail or word of mouth referrals might still be working for your law firm to some extent – your business is automatically being put at a competitive disadvantage if it isn’t growing digitally.

Video increases you Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search engine optimization is what you do to grow your visibility on search engine results pages. The higher your website ranks, the better. It means more people will see your page when they search for a relevant query, click through to your website, read your content, and get to know your firm. The more video content you create, the more quality traffic you can draw to your pages, which will, in turn, boost your overall SEO in the long run.

Image Resources, Inc. has been producing high quality videos for our clients for over 27 years. Check out this short overview video to see what we do. 


attorney video marking

Video Marketing for Attorneys


  • Firm Overview – This type of video can be recorded with a plain black/white background or in your office and gives an overview of your law firm.
  •  Attorney Biographies – These videos are usually informational or educational and are in the ‘about the attorney’ page of your website.
  •  Areas of Practice – It’s important to let potential clients know the types of cases that you handle, whether it’s trucking accidents, personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, traumatic brain injury or sexual assault.
  • Testimonial Videos – The best proof of the effectiveness of your law firm are the words of your satisfied clients.
  • Q & A – Ease the anxieties your potential clients may have before contacting you by including a video of frequently asked Questions and Answers.
 YouTube is owned by Google, so posting the video on YouTube before embedding it onto your website will not only help your video rank higher on Google searches but it will also help you keep track of how many times it’s been watched – an important marketing metric.

With so much competition out there, make your law practice stand out in a crowded legal market. Professional marketing videos will give your firm an identity (and if created effectively, a personality) and will help build trust with both potential and current clients. Video is almost guaranteed to boost your online engagement, give you a great ROI and increase your laws firm’s overall visibility.

At Image Resources, Inc., we use ‘Hollywood style’ shooting and editing techniques to create professional, broadcast quality videos. Prospective clients searching the internet for an advocate will find you to be confident and approachable. We deliver the final video in a perfect format for uploading to YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.


To check out samples of our work, click here or give us a call today!


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