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Approaching The Wrongful Death Case

APPROACHING THE WRONGFUL DEATH CASE A settlement documentary for a wrongful death case is made up of two parts. What qualities did the person have that made him irreplaceable in the lives of the survivors and what effect has the death had on the survivors. As an example, we’ll discuss a hypothetical case about a husband/father who is killed in

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Myth #2 About Case Value

MYTH #2 ABOUT CASE VALUE Last week, we discussed how adjusters often use “cookie cutter” formulas to dictate the value of a case despite evidence submitted by the plaintiff’s counsel. Too often, this results in major claims failing to be resolved in mediation. But there’s another issue that comes into play during mediation that can also lead to your client

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Day One- The Most Important Day of a Big Case

Why Day One is the Most Important Day of a Big Case A great case comes in the door with strong liability and significant damages. The kind of case you might consider for a settlement documentary to be used at or in advance of mediation. With the best of intentions, you map out in your head the visuals you’ll want.

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Remote and Partially Remote Depositions

With the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, we understand your need for flexibility in the way your video depositions are conducted. At Image Resources, not only do we continue to offer traditional in-person depositions (with proper social distancing), but we also offer both remote and partially remote video depositions.     Remote Depositions:  For a remote video deposition, all participants are at

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ITLA 30th Lifetime Achievement Awards Luncheon

On May 10th Image Resources had the pleasure of attending and video recording the ITLA 30th Lifetime Achievement Awards luncheon featuring chair member John P. Young at the Indiana Convention Center. Over the years, many outstanding attorneys have been recognized during this annual celebration. A few previous honorees have been Jeffrey A. Cooke, P. Gregory Cross, Stephen L. Williams, John

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