The quality of an Image Resources video deposition resonates with the jury.

Every deposition is professionally lit, the quality of the audio is captured with broadcast quality microphones and the video is shot with professional grade three chip digital video cameras.

We use a black background behind the witness so that nothing distracts from their testimony.

The end product can be a DVD disc or a video file format of your choice that can be played on any laptop or desktop computer.

Hiring Image Resources is easy. We don’t work for court reporters, we work for you. 1) You’ll want to notice the deposition as a video deposition as you normally do. 2) Call the court reporter of your choice to arrange reporting services, but tell them that you will provide your own videographer. 3) Then, call us to get the deposition on our calendar.

Partnering with Image Resources for all your video depositions, as well as our plaintiff preparation videos, will ensure that your witness will make the best possible impression to your juries.

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