Settlement Documentaries

settlement documentariesVideo settlement documentaries or, “settlement brochure,” is an all-inclusive presentation which presents liability and/or damages to an adjuster or claims committee at, or prior to, mediation for the purpose of resolving a claim. It will enhance the recovery for virtually any case.

The settlement documentaries video is typically comprised of witness interviews, day-in-the-life video, medical statements, documents, crash reports, family snapshots, home videos, and police photos, among other things. It is, in sum, a visual microcosm of the case that will be presented at trial by the plaintiff.

The liability is presented with clarity and focus.

The damages discussion is insightful and emotional. Your witnesses will tell the story.


Settlement documentaries are shot with professional, broadcast quality cameras and edited in our digital hi-def edit facility.

We have successfully interviewed thousands of witnesses on-camera for our documentaries. We are skilled at bringing out the information and emotion needed to help the adjuster to understand what the plaintiff case is all about. All interviews are professionally lit and video recorded using broadcast quality equipment.

Once the interviews have been preserved, producers begin the task of poring over the hours of interviews, pulling the sound bites which best tell the story, and stringing them together into a coherent presentation.

The final stage of editing a settlement documentary is matching the supplemental visuals with sound bites. This includes day-in-the-life video, family snapshots, home videos, medical records, 3-D animations, anatomical illustrations, crash reports, police photos, and countless other exhibits. For example, when the plaintiff describes problems navigating a stairway, we see the plaintiff struggling with the steps.

The finished video is typically fifteen to twenty minutes long, but can be as short as ten minutes, or as long as forty minutes. This short video series helps you understand why settlement documentaries are important, when they are needed, how to use them strategically, and why the cost is justifiable.

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