Plaintiff Preparation Videos

All three videos contained in one DVD

Save time, while ensuring your client is prepared. One inappropriate answer can make the difference between winning and losing. Educating your client on the various facets of the case can be time consuming for you as well as confusing for the plaintiff. These videos save you time and help alleviate the anxieties and concerns your client has about the case.

Preparing for Your Mediation/Deposition/DME DVD Special Edition
Contains all three videos which prepare your client for these critical facets of the case, plus alternate versions of the Deposition and Mediation videos, and a sixth video “Enhance the Settlement Value of Any Case” which explains how settlement documentaries are produced and used.

DVD includes the following:

mtnjFPreparing For Your Mediation 14 mins.
Preparing for Your Mediation educates your client on the various aspects of mediation by mentoring the video’s plaintiff through the process. After watching this video, your client will know what to expect and feel more at ease.
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Jz46OPreparing For Your Deposition 22 mins.
Preparing for Your Deposition educates your client on the basics so you can spend time on the specifics. Your client will learn guidelines for the deposition in order to help the process go as smoothly as possible.
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KoFWZPreparing For Your DME (Defense Medical Exam) 10 mins.
In truth, the DME is an unsupervised examination of the plaintiff by an agent of the opposition. It is essential that the plaintiff understand what a DME is, and know how conduct him/herself.
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