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Pandemic Considerations For Producing A Settlement Documentary The Covid-19 pandemic has turned things upside down for everyone in so many ways. Mediation and trials have been pushed back, and many facets of litigation have been affected. As we move towards fewer restrictions, make sure this time of uncertainty doesn’t compound the losses for your plaintiff. Further delays in cases might

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Seasoned Travelers

Over the past few months, Image Resources has been racking up the miles. This year has been off to a busy start with projects across the United States ensuring we all are seasoned travelers. Currently we have offices in Indianapolis and Florida, but work with many attorneys throughout the country. Lately we have done work in Kentucky, Ohio, throughout Indiana, Florida,

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How Exactly Does a Legal Video Company Win an Emmy?

  On June 1, 2013, Image Resources, Inc. was awarded an Emmy by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at a banquet in Cleveland, Ohio. An Emmy os the highest honor a video production company can receive, and recognizes quality that is second to none.  Dave Fulton, President and CEO of Image Resources, produced and directed Naptown Rock

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Selecting a Video Production Company to Produce Your Documentary

Just as you would select a cardiac surgeon over a general practitioner to perform open bypass, and just as you expect injured parties to choose you as a plaintiff attorney rather than calling a contract attorney to handle their cases, it makes sense to shop for a video production company which has experience working with attorneys. You will spend far

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The Four Elements of Cost

A video production company which specializes in settlement documentaries will base its proposal price on the perceived complexity of the project. This complexity can be narrowed down into four basic components: Other considerations may be the complexity of the production elements to be included. For example, a foot locker filled with home videos and dozens of photo albums will take

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Demonstrating Non-Economic Damages

At risk of sounding simplistic, every case has two components: liability and damages. The damages are economic and non-economic. The economic damages are a relative cake walk. Save the receipts and add’em up. But how does one prove non-economic damages? These are the facets of the case defined by the amount of damage to the plaintiff’s human condition. How has

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Structuring the Settlement Documentary: The “Onion Theory”

A knock-down-drag-out settlement documentary is multifaceted, and consists of layer upon layer of information, much like the layers of an onion. As you scratch one surface, another reveals itself. Let’s start with a basic Day-In-The-Life video. We see the plaintiff’s struggles and the help he requires day-in and day-out. These include dressing, wheelchair transfers, grooming, meals, transportation, therapies, and so

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Day-In-The-Life-Video vs. Settlement Documentaries

Often times the terms “day-in-the-life” and “settlement documentary” are used interchangeably. Though both types of legal video are related, they should be viewed differently from one another. Day-in-the-life video is used to illustrate the everyday struggles the plaintiff endures. Whether that be in the hospital, at therapy, or at home, we capture what it is like to live with the

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