A Settlement Documentary is created for the sole purpose of enhancing the non-economic damages and prompting settlement in civil litigation. Typically, they are used for personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability or wrongful death cases.


Why use a settlement documentary for a personal injury case?


When negotiations begin for any settlement, discussions can quickly move  to liability, coverage and statistics. What’s missing is the impact on your client’s quality of life since the incident occurred. A Settlement Documentary introduces the viewer to the life of the plaintiff and their family before and after the incident or negligence. The video establishes dependency, loss and the life-changing impact that has resulted from the negligence.

A well-produced Settlement Documentary will give the opposition a true appreciation of the devastating impact it’s had on the plaintiff and what the evidence will show at trial. These engaging video presentations build a case using visual tools to tell your client’s story in a very compelling and accurate way.

While a Documentary will not necessarily turn a bad case into a winner, it certainly can make a reasonable case more persuasive. A Settlement Documentary gets the point across so strongly that enhanced recoveries resulting in settlements are far more common than not.

Do you have a client whose story needs to be told? Since 1994, Image Resources, Inc. has influenced the recovery of over $1 Billion by plaintiffs across the country with our cutting-edge Settlement Documentaries.  We also provide Day-in-the-Life videos, Defense Medical Exams, Video Deposition services, Web Videos and more. 


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