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Approaching The Wrongful Death Case

APPROACHING THE WRONGFUL DEATH CASE A settlement documentary for a wrongful death case is made up of two parts. What qualities did the person have that made him irreplaceable in the lives of the survivors and what effect has the death had on the survivors. As an example, we’ll discuss a hypothetical case about a husband/father who is killed in

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Myth #2 About Case Value

MYTH #2 ABOUT CASE VALUE Last week, we discussed how adjusters often use “cookie cutter” formulas to dictate the value of a case despite evidence submitted by the plaintiff’s counsel. Too often, this results in major claims failing to be resolved in mediation. But there’s another issue that comes into play during mediation that can also lead to your client

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Myth #1 About Case Value

MYTH #1 ABOUT CASE VALUE Many defendants are unwilling to pay a fair value for claims without the full weight of evidence and testimony supporting a plaintiff’s case. As a result, far too many claims fail to be resolved in settlement or mediation when it would be in the best interests of all parties to reach a fair compromise. It

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