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Options for Deposition Exhibits

OPTIONS FOR DEPOSITION EXHIBITS When recording a video deposition, the videographer is the eyes and ears of your audience. He/she knows the psychology of lighting, audio and running a camera to keep your audience engaged. Image Resources has the video deposition tools your firm needs to create maximum impact, with multiple options for deposition exhibits. We continue to offer: Fully

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Legal video during COVID-19

Legal video during COVID-19   It’s been a difficult and unpredictable time since COVID-19 changed the world as we know it. Despite the changes, one thing remains the same: our commitment to creating visually compelling videos that engage your audience and help you with your cases.  Whether you want to settle during mediation or need a good looking deposition video for

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Annotating Exhibits in Zoom

ANNOTATING EXHIBITS IN ZOOM Almost overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced counsel to pivot to remote depositions to keep cases moving. Most attorneys have adapted and adopted this technology fairly quickly. Handling exhibits is pretty straightforward but what about annotation? Before the pandemic, everyone gathered together in one room for depositions. If you needed a document annotated, you could hand

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Zooming Through the Remote Video Depositions

Zooming Through Remote Video Depositions With the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, we understand you need flexibility in the way your video depositions are conducted. At Image Resources, not only do we continue to offer traditional in-person depositions (with proper social distancing), we also offer both remote video depositions and partially remote video depositions. Regardless of your location, we’re here to help

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Remote Depositions– More Important Than Ever

Why Remote Depositions Are More Important Than Ever At the outset of the United States’ March lock-down in response to COVID-19, Image Resources, Inc. quickly introduced remote depositions into our service offerings. Early skepticism of this technology soon gave way to widespread adoption in order to move cases along. This has advanced the legal profession light years in a matter

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7 Best Practices for Remote Video Depositions

7 Best Practices for Remote Video Depositions When everyone began sheltering in place amidst the corona virus outbreak last spring, the wheels of litigation came to a grinding halt. Attorneys had to find new ways to conduct discovery and meet case deadlines while adhering to various stay-at-home orders. Now, remote video depositions have become a practical workaround during this global

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As the stay at home restrictions in Indiana are relaxed over the next few weeks, you may find yourself with more flexibility in the way your video depositions are conducted. At Image Resources, we offer 3 best options for video depositions to meet the needs of our clients and provide maximum impact. 3 BEST OPTIONS FOR VIDEO DEPOSITIONS 1. Lockdown

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