Zooming Through the Remote Video Depositions

Zooming Through Remote Video Depositions

With the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, we understand you need flexibility in the way your video depositions are conducted. At Image Resources, not only do we continue to offer traditional in-person depositions (with proper social distancing), we also offer both remote video depositions and partially remote video depositions. Regardless of your location, we’re here to help you seamlessly conduct effective remote video depositions during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


participating in a remote video deposition


Remote Deposition: 

This is where all participants are at their own location and connect remotely through a videoconferencing platform like Zoom. Located in another state or country? No problem. Geography is no longer a barrier as long as everyone has a robust internet connection and and a laptop/desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • The witness, the court reporter, the defense attorney(s), the plaintiff attorney and the videographer attend remotely
  • We take care of everything including scheduling a court reporter (if needed), practice run, set up, exhibit handling and technical support
  • You end up with a clean, professional, trial-ready video
  • Most cost-effective option

Partially Remote Deposition:

This video deposition is a great option if you’re located in and around Indianapolis, IN. It offers substantial quality enhancements, including high definition video of the witness, professional lighting and broadcast quality audio.

  • The witness and the videographer are in the same room
  • Everyone else attends remotely including the court reporter, defense attorney(s) and plaintiff attorney
  • The videographer records the video with a hi-definition video camera and coordinates participants who are attending remotely
  • The videographer handles all exhibits and provides technical support
  • You end up with a higher quality trial-ready video to present to your jury
partially remote video depositions
Regardless of the type of deposition you choose, Image Resources, Inc. is here to help you keep your cases moving. Our technical team is highly skilled and guides you through every stage of the deposition. Click here to check out this short video about what to expect when you hire Image Resources, Inc. to help with your remote video depositions.

Call or email us to schedule your deposition today! 

Let us take care of technology so you can focus on practicing law. Call: 317-228-9080  or email: video@i-r.com



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