Remote Deposition Horror Stories

Attorney in fear after the remote deposition horror stories.

You’ve reviewed your case. You have your questions prepared. You’re looking top notch and dressed professionally as an attorney should be. Hair is perfectly groomed, you make sure no food particles are stuck between your teeth as you get ready to prepare for your deposition. You turn on your computer and connect to Zoom, only to be shocked and maybe slightly appalled at what you see on your screen.

Maybe it’s the woman casually sitting on a beach in her bathing suit. She starts walking around with her phone in her hand, treating her deposition as an extension to her vacation. You try to ignore the commotion going on around her as people walk by or enjoy their beach activities in the background while running around scantily clad in their bathing suits.

Maybe it’s the man in his car with his kid being disruptive in the backseat as he casually pulls out some french fries from an unseen compartment and starts eating them one by one.

Or it could be the guy in basketball shorts who props his leg up on the table right after he is sworn in. His hairy leg stands out. Before long you start seeing toes creeping up onto the desk and they look the size of basketballs because of how close to the camera they sit with the distorted perspective. Right as you think things can’t get worse, he starts puffing on an e-cigarette and brings his other leg up onto the table. His knees are propped up by his head, yet you manage to keep a straight face even though his posture appears similar to that of someone giving birth.

Yes. These are all true remote deposition horror stories.
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Happy Halloween!

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