I Have My Settlement Documentary. Now What?

The purpose of a settlement documentary is to present liability and/or damages to an insurance adjuster or claims committee at or prior to mediation in order to resolve a claim and settle out of court. Once the settlement documentary is in your hands, the time has come to decide on a strategy for presenting the video. Here are three strategies to consider.

mediator evaluating a case


Send it early. Sending the video to the other side 30-45 days before the mediation date gives them ample time to watch and review the video. This way, the insurance company and mediators can consider the content as they evaluate the case. Be sure to show the video at mediation as well, which will make certain each party has watched it and has all the information they need to make a decision.
settling a case at mediation



Wait until mediation. Some plaintiff attorneys believe that a settlement documentary has the most significant impact when it’s shown at mediation. By not sending it out in advance, you can control the immediate influence it has on the other side. It also ensures the insurance adjusters and defense cannot dissect the video to the point of losing its effectiveness.



Private viewing. Set up a private viewing with the other side or insurance adjuster prior to mediation. Whether you rent a conference room at a hotel or take it to their office, having them watch the video, with you in the room, ensures they watch it in its entirety. Afterwards, you can choose to send them a copy to review again, or let this viewing be the one and only. This strategy guarantees they watch the video and have time to properly take the contents into account for their evaluation.
Whether you present your settlement documentary in advance of mediation, during mediation, or at a private showing, the goal is the same – to maximize the recovery for your client. Thinking through the presentation options ahead of time will go a long way toward making sure all the decision makers see and understand your client’s story.  As always, we are here to help if you have any questions.


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