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I Have My Settlement Documentary. Now What?

I Have My Settlement Documentary. Now What? The purpose of a settlement documentary is to present liability and/or damages to an insurance adjuster or claims committee at or prior to mediation in order to resolve a claim and settle out of court. Once the settlement documentary is in your hands, the time has come to decide on a strategy for presenting

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Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY CASES Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and soft tissue cases are always difficult to navigate because of their subjective nature. Often referred to as “invisible injuries”, closed-head injuries can’t be seen with the naked eye and sometimes don’t even show up well on medical imaging film. That’s where a settlement documentary can help convey damages. Powerful storytelling can

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Can Settlement Documentaries Maximize Your Recovery?

Can Settlement Documentaries Maximize Your Recovery? Pandemic Considerations The Covid-19 pandemic has turned things upside down for everyone in so many ways. Mediation and trials continue to be pushed back, and despite the rollout of vaccines, the foreseeable future is uncertain. Make sure this time of uncertainty doesn’t compound the losses for your plaintiff. Further delays in cases might mean clients

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Presenting A Settlement Documentary

PRESENTING YOUR SETTLEMENT DOCUMENTARY In this article we are going to go over ways for presenting a settlement documentary. Settlement documentaries are created specifically for mediation and are not designed to be admissible in court. The purpose of the settlement documentary is to educate the opposition about the enormity of the harm injury victims and their families suffer as a

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Demonstrating Non-Economic Damages

At risk of sounding simplistic, every case has two components: liability and damages. The damages are economic and non-economic. The economic damages are a relative cake walk. Save the receipts and add’em up. But how does one prove non-economic damages? These are the facets of the case defined by the amount of damage to the plaintiff’s human condition. How has

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