How to approach the Personal Injury Case


Settlement documentaries are a powerful way for a personal injury victim to tell his/her story. Through professional legal videography you can give critical insight into the day-to-day life of the victim, demonstrating the damages that an incident has caused him/her. A settlement documentary provides a strong platform for the words of the victim, presenting them in a very compelling way.

The settlement documentary for a personal injury case uses “contrast” to define the non-economic damages. Contrast communicates the nuances which help the viewer understand the nature and extent of an injury and its effects on your client’s everyday life.

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Without video, your client is just a recurring name on a claim file and in a series of depositions, reports and interrogatories. The purpose of the video is to humanize the client, to lift the client off the pages of paper in the file, and show her as a living, breathing, flesh and blood human being who suffers daily as a result of the defendant’s actions. It isn’t enough to show where it hurts or why it hurts. You must also show how the hurt affects your client’s activities and the way in which it compromises all of life’s pleasures for the client.

The value of a shoulder injury isn’t measured so much in terms of limited strength and range of motion, although those have their clinical uses. More important is the resulting inability to play tennis, garden, take mixing bowls down from high kitchen cabinets, or paint the kids’ rooms. These are the tasks that the jury and the adjuster are likely to connect with on a human level.

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People like analogies. A doctor might describe the fragile bone structure of the skull by saying, “The face is like a pretzel.” A plaintiff might describe his foot pain as “like walking on broken glass when my feet hit the floor in the morning.” Bring these analogies out in the interviews.
Ask emotional questions that only the plaintiff can answer. What feelings went through you when you were told you were paralyzed? How did it feel to go from being totally independent to being totally dependent? What do you miss most about the way things used to be?
Professionally produced legal videos are developed to stay with the viewers. You want those that see the video to remember what it looked like for the victim to struggle through her daily activities, and to experience what life is now like because of her injuries. Settlement documentaries can be a powerful tool for getting maximum compensation for your clients.



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