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ITLA 30th Lifetime Achievement Awards Luncheon

ITLA LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS On May 10th Image Resources had the pleasure of attending and video recording the ITLA 30th Lifetime Achievement Awards luncheon featuring chair member John P. Young at the Indiana Convention Center. Over the years, many outstanding attorneys have been recognized during this annual celebration. A few previous honorees have been Jeffrey A. Cooke, P. Gregory Cross,

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DME Video Recording: The Insurance You Need

No More Your Word Verses Theirs Defense medical exams (DME) are an unsupervised interrogation of your client by an agent of the defendant. The only way to hold the paid physician accountable for the content of the report is to video record the exams that are conducted. Video helps ensure all parties are being upfront. The physicians report may suggest

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Demonstrating Non-Economic Damages

At risk of sounding simplistic, every case has two components: liability and damages. The damages are economic and non-economic. The economic damages are a relative cake walk. Save the receipts and add’em up. But how does one prove non-economic damages? These are the facets of the case defined by the amount of damage to the plaintiff’s human condition. How has

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Day-In-The-Life-Video vs. Settlement Documentaries

Day-In-The-Life Video vs. Settlement Documentaries Often times the terms “day-in-the-life” and “settlement documentary” are used interchangeably. Though both types of legal video are related, they should be viewed differently from one another. Day-in-the-life video is used to illustrate the everyday struggles the plaintiff endures. Whether that be in the hospital, at therapy, or at home, we capture what it is

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