DME Video Recording: The Insurance You Need

No More Your Word Verses Theirs

Defense medical exams (DME) are an unsupervised interrogation of your client by an agent of the defendant. The only way to hold the paid physician accountable for the content of the report is to video record the exams that are conducted.

Video helps ensure all parties are being upfront. The physicians report may suggest a medical condition or causation that differs from the medical records. The doctor says one thing, but the plaintiff recalls something else entirely. The only way to maintain the integrity of the process is to video record the exam.


Our Process

When we document Defense medical exams, our goal is to be a fly on the wall to the entire process. During the exam our HD camera will closely shadow the physicians observations and measurements. Our High Definition quality allows every poke, prod, and measurement to be clearly captured. Our unobtrusive wireless microphones guarantee all communication is clearly recorded.


Special Circumstances: Where Others Fall Short

In some circumstances, such as Neuropsychological exams, it is mandated that our operator cannot be present in the room. In those cases we can set up a remote monitoring station where we can observe all activities and ensure the audio and video are not compromised.


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