Selecting a Video Production Company to Produce Your Documentary

Just as you would select a cardiac surgeon over a general practitioner to perform open bypass, and just as you expect injured parties to choose you as a plaintiff attorney rather than calling a contract attorney to handle their cases, it makes sense to shop for a video production company which has experience working with attorneys. You will spend far less time hand-holding the vendor, and will ultimately be more satisfied with the end product.

Once you decide to begin the process of searching for a legal video company to meet your needs, there are a few things to keep in mind. A settlement documentary can provide a lot of value to your case, therefore properly evaluating the companies is of the utmost importance.


The Three Key Points of Evaluation:pie-chart

Experience– How much of the company’s business is settlement documentary production?

Chemistry– Deep down, are you comfortable that they will put together the video that you want produced?

Product Sample– Always ask to see an example of a settlement documentary the company has produced. Don’t take “No” for an answer. Compare the work of several companies then make your decision.


Above all keep in mind that the video production company you choose will be closely involved with your case and potentially help in settling your case.


Emily Gregory

Communications Director

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