Seasoned Travelers

Over the past few months, Image Resources has been racking up the miles. This year has been off to a busy start with projects across the United States ensuring we all are seasoned travelers. Currently we have offices in Indianapolis and Florida, but work with many attorneys throughout the country. Lately we have done work in Kentucky, Ohio, throughout Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.


Our presence in Kentucky has expanded as word about our services has traveled from attending the Kentucky Justice Association Annual Seminar each year. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with many KJA affiliated attorneys who have brought us onto cases ranging from multiple claim auto accidents to medical malpractice cases. Attorneys are seeking expertise in putting together settlement documentaries to show at mediation or to send out prior.


Between back and forth trips from Indiana to Kentucky, we have also been working in Ohio. Neither are a far drive making it easier to piggy back trips onto one another creating more cost and time efficiency. Often it makes sense to schedule production days back to back when we are in other states so we can stay on location and get shooting completed for multiple projects if plaintiff’s schedules line up.


Of course our Indy clients have been keeping us busy with projects all over the state as well. Lately we have been in Anderson, Indianapolis, Richmond, French Lick, Batesville, and Bloomington, just to name a few. These projects have ranged from depositions and medical statements to settlement documentaries and slice-in-time’s. Sometimes we are called upon to get site inspection photos and locator videos for use in projects as well.


This year we have been busier than ever in Florida working with new and previous clients. The Florida Justice Association‘s seminars have been a wonderful place to become acquainted with various firms. We film each FJA seminar and set up a vendor booth which allows us to become familiar with the Florida justice scene. The next event we will be attending is the 2017 FJA Annual Convention in June. We are also excited to announce that we will be at this years APITLA National Interstate Trucking Super Summit taking place in Tampa, Florida.


Emily Gregory

Communications Director

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  1. December 9, 2017 at 10:56 am

    Glad I ran across your blog. It’s a great resource.

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