How Exactly Does a Legal Video Company Win an Emmy?


On June 1, 2013, Image Resources, Inc. was awarded an Emmy by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at a banquet in Cleveland, Ohio. An Emmy os the highest honor a video production company can receive, and recognizes quality that is second to none. 

Dave Fulton, President and CEO of Image Resources, produced and directed Naptown Rock Radio Wars, which premiered January 14, 2012. Countless hours of hard work from the team at Image Resources ended up packing a full house at IMAX White River State Park opening night.

The Film

It was a fight to the bitter end, definitely a war … the kind of battle that would change not only the listening habits of hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers but also change the entire culture of Indiana’s capital city.  And Naptown would never be the same!

Two brilliant and fierce broadcasting competitors – Richard Fairbanks, who owned WIBC-AM 1070, the 50,000 watt radio behemoth, versus Don Burden, the young upstart broadcasting impresario who swaggered into town and launched the glitzy, promotion-oriented, though relatively low-powered, WIFE-AM 1310.

How was the war fought?  What were the strategies?  Who were the personalities both in the limelight and behind the scenes?  And who, in the end, would win Naptown’s Rock Radio Wars?

In the days before cell phones, satellite radio, cable TV, and the … Internet, we got our music three ways – buying records, attending concerts, or from THE RADIO.  In Indianapolis – known at the time derogatorily as Naptown– radio, particularly rock radio, was an all out war and what happened during this period was truly a culture shift.

It’s All In The Technique

The same techniques pioneered for our settlement documentaries were implemented in the production of Naptown Rock Radio Wars. 

Each witness interview we conduct is professionally lit, the quality of the audio is captured with broadcast quality microphones and the video is shot with professional grade three chip digital video cameras. Aside from the same production equipment and techniques being used, the same great award-winning minds are behind each project created.

Since 1994 we have focused on the video needs of law firms across the country. Check out one of our sample documentaries to see the outstanding quality for yourself!


Emily Gregory

Communications Director

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