Determining Appropriateness of a Case for Video

Not every case is suitable for a settlement documentary, and some care must be taken in thinking through the basic criteria. The best documentaries we have produced have been those with thoughtful and credible witnesses, and with injuries- whether physical, emotional, or cognitive- that are significant.


A case involving death or significant injuries usually involves aspects that lends itself well to the settlement video. Another type of case which benefits from onion_01video is one that is difficult to show the strengths with words alone. For example, you may have a case with great witnesses. Those witnesses may be experts, healthcare providers, co-workers, or just people who know the client. It isn’t helpful just to tell the other side that you have great witnesses. Likewise, at the time you are discussing settlement the other side probably hasn’t met or deposed most, if any, of the witnesses. The video is a great way for the other side to see these witnesses and add value accordingly.


Emily Gregory

Communications Director

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