I can’t wait to watch the new Star Wars movie in standard definition! Have you ever heard someone say that? Of course not! No one gets excited about standard definition anymore. In today’s day and age, everything is about high definition. When we settle down on the couch to watch our favorite program we expect clarity and quality. So why should jurors expect anything less? Jurors, like most Americans, are used to watching movies and television in HD. Depositions should be no exception.

At Image Resources, we see the importance of keeping jurors engaged. One way we do this is by shooting all of our depositions in high definition. Recording video in high definition means the image resolution is substantially higher than that of videos shot in standard-definition. In fact, HD provides five times as many pixels as SD!

We also use professional lighting and audio, and a neutral background so there is nothing to distract from the witness. The end result is sure to resonate with your jury.


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Emily Gregory

Communications Director

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