What’s a Profile Without a Professional Headshot?

Research shows when potential clients are browsing the internet for an attorney they automatically begin to discredit those who do not have a professional headshot, one that is outdated, or a photo that looks amateur. The internet is vital to the growth of companies nowadays so it is no wonder that potential clients are looking at online attorney profiles to determine if an attorney is a good fit. Just think, if you were looking for a new physician for your child, which of the below professionals would you be inclined to hire?

So why are headshots so important?

Headshots give professionals credibility. If there is no photo accompanying a profile there is a disconnect between the viewer and whomever they are interested in potentially hiring. Potential clients have nothing to go off of so chances are they will continue searching. There is something about seeing someones face that helps us judge whether or not an individual can be trusted.

Often times profiles without a photo are either not active or out of date. It’s sort of like going on a blind date; sure a blind date may sound mysterious and adventurous but no one wants to put that type of risk into picking an attorney to represent them.

How do I get the best possible headshot?

When an individual looks at your profile you want them to be impressed. Below are a few tips to keep in mind:

Confident yet approachable. When someone looks at the headshot on your profile you want them to see you as a confident attorney who is capable of holding a friendly conversation.

It’s All about you. Group shots of your firm are beneficial and show that your firm is a team, but its important to have profile photos of each attorney so viewers feel as though they are getting to know each attorney individually.

Smile! Whether it is a small, closed mouth smile or a big, warm, friendly smile showing those pearly whites, smiling shows that you are sympathetic and kind. Of course, you want people to take you seriously so there is such a thing as smiling too big.

Be yourself. Be genuine and show potential clients a glimpse of what they will get if they decide to hire you. Don’t feel compelled to stand in front of your law books with your glasses sliding off the bridge of your nose as you point your finger in an authoritative way. A relaxed, casual feel will go a long way and engage your audience a lot more.

Have a professional end product. Camera quality, lighting, backdrops, posing, and editing all help to ensure your end product is something to be proud of.

If you are interested in hiring a professional photographer to do your headshots then please contact emily@i-r.com or visit sparkartphoto.com for more information.


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