Remote Video Depositions

In the past month, everything has changed. Due to the pandemic, mediations and trials are being pushed back, and many facets of litigation have ground to a halt. Traditional video depositions require all participants to crowd into a room, and, reasonably so, today’s participants are reluctant to risk infection from others with this close proximity. After substantial R&D and beta testing, we have developed a solution. Our unique setup allows an attorney to keep his/her cases moving. All participants of the deposition 1) Attend remotely, while 2) Your trial presentation of the preserved video testimony has the high audio and video quality we are known for on the backend.




Other companies may be telling you – “Yeah, bad video, bad audio, but that’s as good as the technology allows”  We are here to tell you this is not the case.  Our Remote Video Depositions look and sound better. But we’ll do more than tell you why, we’ll show you. Call to Schedule a free demo!

One-on-one online demos are available by appointment. Call or Email to reserve a slot for our free demo: (317-228-9080 or

For Florida attorneys we are scheduling one-on-one online demos for Thursday 4/2 or by appointment. Call or Email to reserve a slot for Florida demos: (813-618-3108 or

It only takes about 1/2 hour, and this demonstration will change the way you think of Remote Video Depositions.  In this online demo we will walk you through how and why everything we do is a little better than what you’ll find elsewhere.



We can integrate exhibits into the Remote Video Deposition from hard copies or electronically with your image, video or animation files.  The exhibit can be virtually any image or video file, including PDF files.  We’ll take care of everything on the technical side so that you can focus on asking questions.



Once this pandemic passes you will likely stand before a jury and introduce testimony preserved on video.  Jurors will be more engaged with high quality HD video.  When we shoot a Remote Video Deposition, we use a proprietary process of exquisite quality that trial consultants tell us will be more likely to capture your jury’s interest.  No one else is doing what we are doing.  In a way, we are ‘future proofing’ your trial presentation. Of note, most of this is the same gear that helped us win an Emmy® a while back.



You may already work with a court reporter to whom you are very loyal, in which case we can dovetail our video services with his/hers. However, we have developed this unique process in tandem with Emerson Reporting (Indianapolis) and Anthem reporting (Tampa Bay). These reporters are up-to-speed with Remote Video Depositions, and are very accurate, prompt, and cost efficient. Just one call to us and we’ll make all the arrangements.




You can participate from virtually anywhere with a robust WiFi or cell signal. You can use most desktop computers (with webcam & microphone), laptops, tablets and smartphones. We’ll help you get set up, and test it with you in advance so there are no surprises.



The number of attorneys who can attend our Remote Video Depositions at a time is virtually unlimited.  Just you and a defense attorney?  No problem.  Just you and fifteen defense attorneys?  No problem. Same price. Speaking of which…



We’ve compared pricing from other companies who claim to offer videoconferencing services for depositions and we are substantially less expensive.  In some instances, we are almost half their cost.



We’ve been a trusted partner with Indiana’s plaintiff attorneys since 1994.  We’ve produced thousands of settlement documentaries, and tens of thousands of depositions over the years for many of the best attorneys in the country.  We’re still in business because of the value and expertise we can bring to your cases.



Of course, we also offer Split Screen and Picture-In-Picture, text/video synchronization with free software, Day-In-The-Life and Settlement Documentary case presentations for mediations.


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