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Let’s set the scene. Just after you drop a hard-hitting question to the key defendant, he stops cold. His breathing gets heavy. He swallows hard, trading glances to defense counsel sitting next to him. After what seems like an eternity squirming in his chair, he finally mutters a response. On the written page, this exchange shows up as only two lines – question and answer. Yet on video, this moment creates an entirely different connotation that changes the viewer’s opinion of his character. Taking depositions without the addition of high quality video is like painting a picture in black & white and ignoring the colors of the rainbow available to you.jinx-2


Many court reporting firms now offer video services, but does it suffice? Without the benefit of specializing in video, most court reporting firms deliver video that looks so dated that your jury will devote most of it’s attention to squinting to watch, straining to listen, or reeling with laughter. Image Resources maintains a standard of quality that treats your case and jury with the same respect that you do. Our high definition image and professional lighting captures all of the twitches and nervous movements. Our broadcast quality microphones catch the heavy breathing, and just as importantly the long silences. Our black background focuses the attention on the subject (no need for the cloudy sky backgrounds that harkens back to our grade school picture days). With our unique multiple channels of audio, opposing counsel shuffling papers or sipping coffee no longer obscures the witness testimony. Finally, the various ways Image Resources offers the final product will maximize the possibilities of presenting the hi-def testimony to your jury.


While each firm with which we work has its own strategies, our high definition video depositions can be effectively utilized for both defendants and plaintiffs. While many of the above examples focus on the “bad guys looking bad”, a strong and confident plaintiff can make a great impression on video too. An injured client can appropriately garner the right amount of sympathy, while an elderly or terminally ill client can have their image and voice preserved to meet the duration of your case. No matter your strategy or case specific needs, chances are that high quality video depos have an important place in your game plan.


Surprisingly, no. Image Resources utilizes a simple and straightforward pricing system that boils down to hours and mileage. While our final products are miles ahead of our competition, our pricing is continually competitive. Contact us today to see how Image Resources’ video depositions can make an impact on your case without an impact on your budget.


There’s no getting around it – chances are you’re under-utilizing a very powerful (and relatively cheap) tool in your tool belt. Now with offices serving the Midwest and Florida, Image Resources has 23 years of experience in providing video depositions of the highest quality that can easily influence a jury’s perception of your case.



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