5 Common Myths About Video Settlement Documentaries

Settlement documentaries can be incredibly effective at showcasing your plaintiff’s case. Some attorneys are hesitant to invest in case settlement documentaries based of various myths they believe to be true.


Myth 1: “No one Believes those Documentaries.”

Fact: Virtually every element of an Image Resources’ documentary is based on court admissible materials: the reports, photographs, videos, etc. The adjuster will see the actual witnesses and hear statements that will reflect their testimony.


Myth 2: “Video settlement documentaries don’t really make a difference.”

Fact: According to our clients, our video settlement documentaries have helped make a big difference in their settlement negotiations.


Myth 3: “It’s only worth producing a video for a million dollar case.”

Fact 1: The cost of technology has gone down while the quality has gone up. Computerized editing makes revisions faster and cheaper. Gone forever are the days of $30,000 documentaries.

Fact 2: Let’s do the math- If a $5,000 video turns a $40,000 case to a $365,000 case that is a 6500% return on investment. That’s better than a bank!


Myth 4: “My staff and I don’t have time to coordinate a video. We’re too busy.”

Fact: Image Resources needs very little direction. Give us a half hour, a list of witnesses, pertinent documents such as a crash report, medical records, ect. and we will do the rest. We will schedule and conduct all of the witness interviews. We’ll come back to you with a “rough” edit which most clients find to be very close to the finished product.


Myth 5: “There is no reason to have a company from the Midwest fly all the way across the country to help me with mmap
y case.”

Fact: Since 1994, we have produced hundreds of settlement documentaries across the US, including cases involving trucking, TBI, wrongful death, and medical malpractice. The President of Image Resources has spoken at many seminars including twice at ATLA’s Annual Convention (1999, 2001). Modest travel expenses are more than offset by having an experienced company produce an effective video which works well for your client.





Emily Gregory

Communications Director

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