Why HD?

I can’t wait to watch the new Star Wars movie in standard definition! Have you ever heard someone say that? Of course not! No one gets excited about standard definition anymore. In today’s day and age, everything is about high definition. When we settle down on the couch to watch our favorite program we expect clarity and quality. So why

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Why Professional Scar Photography?

Although cell phones and tablets are great for capturing family functions, vacations, and concerts; they are not ideal for capturing your client’s scars. In order to give your plaintiff’s scars the attention they deserve, every detail should be captured. It is important to have the right professionals to adequately document the injuries at hand. Why Image Resources? Dave Fulton (President and CEO)

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New to the Game

Nowadays most webpages include a blog of some sort.  Image Resources’ is excited to finally be taking the leap into the vast world of blogging. From here on out prepare to be educated on all things dealing with legal video. Dave Fulton founded this company in 1994 and since has learned a tremendous amount of knowledge about how video can

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