Attorney Spotlight: Alex Limontes

Image Resources is proud to provide legal video services to some of the best attorneys in the country. Here is one of our Indianapolis clients:


(Summary of interview below)


Name:   Alexander Jesus Limontes

Law firm:    Hurst Limontes LLC

Years in practice:     14

Primary focus:    Wrongful Death & Personal Injury


Why did you become an attorney?

I interned at the Office of the Corporation Counsel in Washington D.C. working closely with trial lawyers. That was it for me. After that experience I knew that I wanted to be an attorney.


Proudest achievement

Aside from being fortunate enough to marry an amazing person who gave us three beautiful children, it would be the case of Escamilla v. Shiel Sexton. I have been working with the Latino and Immigrant community in Indiana since I was in law school, so I felt compelled to join my friend Tim Devereux when he and the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association asked me to volunteer as Amicus Counsel on the case. It was a hard-fought case at the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court level. Ultimately, we prevailed and reading the Opinion from the Supreme Court of Indiana is one of the proudest moments of my professional career.


Most valuable life lesson you’ve learned

Just Keep Going. I’ve had some difficult and wonderful moments in my life, years ago my little brother passed away unexpectedly and within a year my dad passed. It was a tough and joyful year for my family because we simultaneously welcomed our second child during that time. It was also during that time that I was arguing the Escamilla Case and taking on more professional responsibility at the office. I realized that regardless of all the bad things happening in life, there were just as many good things. I told myself that my dad and little brother would have wanted me to “Just Keep Going” no matter what.
I tell my son, Franco, all the time, “It’s not Losing, it’s Learning.” I say it so much that I even find myself saying it to some of the attorneys at my office. I firmly believe in that, when things get hard or you lose (like many trial lawyers do), get yourself back up, learn from it, and just keep going.


What is the secret to your success?

It’s no secret. It’s all about the Client. Take care of them and you
will see success. Years ago, when I first began working with my mentor and partner, Bill Hurst, he said, “Alex don’t worry about making money. Worry about helping these people. You help these people and the money will come.” I’ve never forgotten that, we carry that same mentality with every person and family that we help.

What nugget of advice would you give to other attorneys?

We can fight like cats and dogs in the courtroom, mediation or at deposition, when it’s time for us to do our job. However, when you are no longer on the record and are “off the clock”, it’s better to get to know each other. Some of my favorite people are lawyers because I’ve found that we have so much more in common when we try to get to know each other. When an Attorney calls my office with a co-counsel case, I get excited because I love working with other lawyers. Get to know the lawyer on the other side, you might have much more in common than you think.


Favorite thing to do in your free time

Spend time with my family at the Lake or on the water somewhere.


Fun fact

My Wife has two siblings and all three of us (the “in-laws”) that married into my wife’s family were friends in college and we all graduated from Hanover the same year.


How do you use Image Resources video in your practice?

I use Image Resources video for their amazing and moving settlement documentaries. I’ve also utilized them to show opposing parties what it is like to live a “Day in the Life” of my client. I’ve used them to shoot video of client’s treating or client’s in the Hospital. I also plan on using them to help with Web Videos as we update our site.

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