Image Resources, Inc. is an Emmy® award-winning legal video company.

Since 1994, we have focused on the video needs of law firms throughout the United States. We have pioneered the production of Settlement Documentaries and Day-in-the-Life presentations, and have strategically influenced the recovery of roughly $1 billion by plaintiffs across the country.
"Image Resources’ work takes the true value of our cases to the next level at mediation. They are able to flesh out the non-economic damages of the case much more effectively than my staff and I can with words alone.”

- William Winingham, Wilson Kehoe & Winingham

We've Received the Highest Honors

On June 1, 2013, Image Resources, Inc. was awarded an Emmy by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at a banquet in Cleveland, Ohio. An Emmy is the highest honor a video production company can receive, and recognizes quality that is second to none.

Image Resources, Inc. has reinvented the video production industry for attorneys. We specialize in providing broadcast quality, award winning videos for attorneys across the nation. We are internationally recognized, experienced, proven, self managing and results driven.

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