Live Streaming

Not Skype. Not a video conference. Something entirely different.

Time and geography are no longer barriers.

Imagine watching a basketball game on your computer and being able to text comments to the coach. Instead, you’re watching a video deposition live in real time with crystal clear audio and a sharp image, and you can text comments to the attorney conducting the deposition.

Our Real-Time Live Streaming enables instant viewing access for those not present at the physical deposition. Your partner, co-counsel, paralegal, expert, and/or whomever you designate can monitor the deposition’s full quality video and audio in real time. Anyone you want, practically anywhere in the world, watching on virtually any device. You decide who.

  • Tune in remotely
  • Save travel expenses
  • Watch in highest quality video and audio
  • Submit questions or comments in real time
  • May remain visually anonymous to witness
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